SMS Scheduler: Set remainder, timer or schedule for your text or sms App Reviews

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Not Working

I made a test, not working at all, and then the app proposed to upgrade to version Pro… LoL. Again crap.

Terrible App!

Not not not good. This App dont sync with Yours Contacts. It just schedele SMS to number that YOURSELF digit

Does not Work

Ive downloaded and it simple does not work. It crashes when I open. Sad.


Dont work, has millions of ads each click, this app suckz a lot!!!! Its a Trash! Do not waste ur time downloading it.

Didnt send the 7am scheduled text

The basic function of this app failed me. The interface also isnt that pretty, but I wouldnt mind if the app actually worked. Glad I didnt get the paid version.

That is really silly

Nothing to say , just silly It didnt send or do anything


Piece of crap failed to send New Years greeting


Simply reminds you to send the message it doesnt actually do anything doesnt send the message.


Buggy, rapes you with ads and doesnt send the SMS.


Didnt send the scheduled message. Its simply an app to measure downloads and promote other crap.

Didnt work.

I have IOS8 and sent a text for the next day but they did not receive it.


It doesnt work! My texts were not sent after trying multiple times

Complete crap

App is not working at all! Huge waste of time..

Does not work.

Maybe the full version works. I set the timer and it did not send it. I allowed on everything on each pop-up.

Simple - does not work

I set up sms in free ver - wanted to buy pro if it works. It necer sent any message. Now I will delete app but i want better one!

Not working properly :(

Waste of time to installking it

Never thought everything could be so stupid and useless

This is the most stupid app. There is a thing about it. It doesnt work

Crap Five Stars of Crap.

It doesnt work at all. It never sent a single damn message... none... nada… keine… rien de rien… Im not going to buy the Pro version because there isnt a usable one. (unfortunately, to be published, I have to give an unmeritated single star).


Doesnt work, you schedule, it says done but it never is received. Also ad barrage with every move. Worthless app, dont waste your time, seriously.

If I wanted a reminder to send something I would use reminders!!!

Worst app ever